Discover Why Blood Orange Wheels are Perfect for your Longboard!

Blood Orange is a top-tier company dedicated to producing the best longboard wheels on the market. With a unique formula of premium urethane, their wheels are designed to cater to all longboarding styles, including cruiser, freestyle, freeride, dancing, and downhill. Founded by Liam Morgan in 2010, Blood Orange is based out of Santa Cruz, California, […]

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Super Cool New Grip Tape!

Tired of the boring black grip tape and want something new and exciting? Get our new design grip tape! We added new fun and exciting Griptape sheets to our website! Pick from your favorite theme: Love the milky way, stars and planets? Get the Galaxy grip tape Aloha! Here is Hawaii! Put some pineapple or […]

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New! Sliding Gloves

Why Sliding Gloves When you start longboarding, you might not think of sliding gloves right away, but when you are ready for tricks, sliding, downhiling and freeriding, you want to protect your hands. You probably want gloves that are comfortable with some stretch and that are lightweight. While lightweight sliding gloves are comfortable, make sure […]

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The Evolution of Griptape

Skateboarders today have a variety of griptape options, but it wasn’t always the case. The griptape has come a long way. Let’s take a closer look at this longboard and skateboard accessory. Fighting Slip Skateboards arose from surfing in the 1960s. Surfers used different methods to keep their feet from slipping on their boards. Wax […]

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