How To Replace The Grip Tape Of Your Longboard

Your grip tape gets dirty and ugly overtime especially if you use your longboard skateboard a lot.

How to clean grip tape

If your deck is just dirty or you have a dirty spot on your board you can use an old moist toothbrush to clean it.
When you go over the spot and it is clean then use a dry towel. Do NOT rub, as the grip is rough and it will leave a mess, but instead dab it. Don’t make it wet, just moist enough.

Replace grip tape

If you grip tape is really ugly it might be time to replace it.

All you need is a hair dryer and a knife or razor blade. It will take some time to get it off.
You start by heating a portion so you will loosen the grip tape glue and carefully put a knife or razor blade underneath.

Peel it slowly and work you way along the board.


If you have little pieces left, you can use the old grip tape as sandpaper to sand off the rest. When you have the grip tape off, clean your board thorough fully before putting up your new grip tape.

Bubbles in the grip tape on your board

When you put on new grip tape you sometimes get bubbles.
Look for pockets of air between the grip and your board. If you see one, pop the bubble with a razor blade or you can use a pin and push the air out through the hole. The grip tape will get more connected to your board with skating longer and longer.

Go shred and have fun

(p.s. if you need some new tape, check out our longboard grip tape selection)

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