Which Longboard Profile? Some Side Views!

There are many styles and shapes to select from when you want to buy a longboard.

Do you want

  • a stable rocker profile or
  • a camber profile with more flex and more shock absorbent or
  • a flat one which have something from both?

longboard-rocker-proflle longboard-camber-profilelongboard-flat-profile
Length does matter for longboards skateboards as longer is more stable and more for cruising, however shorter is more maneuverable and better for tricks. Takes in less space and is easier to take with you.

Here a listing and cross view of the Stella Longboards based on length and profile.

click on image for more details

You can easily see that some have a more rocker profile where others are more camber. Some are just flat. All are great boards.
Do you see the kicktails?  Looking for a specific length?

Hope this overview helps to give you an impression and allows to easily see what available.

Pick one, then go shred and have fun!

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