Longboard Parts – Many Pieces Make One Whole

It all starts with a board, however a board in it self is not enough to go riding.

No wheels, no motion. No trucks, no way to connect your wheels to the board. etc.
All the parts together can make a real fine longboard, however they all need to come together and get connected.

Many parts

There are 6 main elements – in total of 24 basic parts – that make up a longboard.

  • 1 board aka Deck (duh!)
  • 2 trucks
  • 4 wheels
  • 8 bearings
  • 8 hardware
  • some griptape
parts of a longboard
parts of a longboard

To go longboarding, sometimes other parts can be added. Like optional risers – shock pads, stickers and don’t forget your protective gear like helmet, gloves, elbow & knee pads.
Several parts are constructed out of sub-parts.

Many variations of each part

Each part is available in different flavors e.g. take the wheels.
Longboard wheels are available with different diameter and different durometer (hardness). Wheels also come in different shapes (Lip) and the way their core is placed can variate (center set, off set, side set).
If we add color then just these variations alone result in tens if not hundreds of different possible wheels available to put on your longboard.

The same is true for almost every part. Boards are available in different shape and flex, bearing smooth to rough and griptape have different grains, and so on. Oh yeah, many part are also constructed out of sub-parts, like trucks.

Thousands of possible combinations

Every part available in many variations so the result is that there are thousands of possible variations. As result thousands of possible boards can be constructed out of these 6 main elements.

All boards have at least the above 24 parts, some have more.
Each part influences the characteristics of the board resulting in a boards that behave completely different.

The behavior determines what you can do with the board and how easy (or difficult) it will be.

Its important to understand what do you WANT TO DO with your board – and figure out what your riding style will be.
More on that next time.

Go shred and have some fun

PS. For more about longboards, parts and what they do see the “How to choose a longboard” guide on our website.

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