Longboard Kicktails – Should You Have One, Two Or Can You Do Without?

The kicktail is the upwards bent tip at the end of the board and makes it easier to do turns and tricks.
For many riding styles and shapes you can find a board with a kicktail as well as one without a kicktail. This initially might puzzle people so lets take a closer look at that little bump at the end of the board.


On skateboards you see a kicktail on both ends of the board and they are essential for maneuvering around. They are the start to many tricks and used very frequently. If you want to do an “Ollie”- giving your board some air – you crouch down and jump directly upward, followed quickly by popping the tail, which raises the nose upwards and pops the board in the air. Without a kicktail that would be nearing impossible. Many tricks involve using the kicktails and they add so much fun.


On longboards you sometimes have 1, sometimes have none, and yes there are also longboard with 2 kicktails.

Just as by skateboard the kicktail allows you to lift one end of the boards off the ground and do tricks or hop a curb. It also makes it easier to change your riding direction quicker and avoid collision with the slow pedestrians when you cruise around.

Depending on the longboard riding styles you might or might not need a kicktail.

  • when cruising it could help to dodge pedestrians and hob curb
  • for freestyle its kind of a must as tricks are difficult to do without one
  • where as for freeride it can be a useful addition
  • when doing downhill it doesn’t add a lot


There are also longboards with 2 kicktails better known as “Double Kick” boards, which allow you to kick independent of which direction you ride it. Most double kicks are fully symmetrical and can be used as bi-directional boards.

For stability you want the wheels as far apart as possible – have a long wheelbase. A kicktail reduces the space the wheels can be placed on so no kicktail can mean a longer wheelbase.
If you just starting with longboarding don’t pay too much attention to a kicktail, if your board has one, great, if not don’t worry you can do without.
Hope you now better understand that some riding styles can benefit from a kicktail however it’s not always a must.

Just relax go shred and have some fun! 

 P.S. for complete longboards with – and without – a kicktail see our longboards complete section on our skate store.
P.P.S we also have a specific kicktail longboard section.

kicktail - no kicktail
Kicktail or No Kicktail, does it matter?

2 thoughts on “Longboard Kicktails – Should You Have One, Two Or Can You Do Without?

  1. Longboarding is a great way to get around at school. They can be as cheap and as expensive as a bike, but the adventage of a longboard or skateboard is that you can carry it everywhere and ride it practically everywhere.


  2. Thanks for writing this post! As many people would say, kicktails are where to fun is at! My advice is inline with yours – unless you’re planning to do tricks on your longboard, you don’t really need a kicktail. For people looking to get into longboarding though, it is a nice extra feature that they might actually end up using in the future!


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