3 New 2015 Pintail Longboards from Stella Longboards

3 New exciting pintail longboards were added to the 2015 lineup of Stella Longboards.

Stella Longboards is a manufacturer of quality complete longboards, decks, wheels and other longboard products since 2006. They are based in Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA

These 3 pintails just arrived and are waiting for you! We expect them to go fast.

pintail longboard 2015 stella longboards
New 2015 pintail longboards 46 inch

These boards call on the wave riders looking to rip on the concrete waves. Perfect for carving.

The Stella longboard pintail is a radial cruiser and a classic popular top mounted pintail. These 3 boards are a full 46 inch.

  • It is a fairly flat board with a deep radial concave towards the edges of the boar. It delivers great agility with the 180 inverted kingpin trucks.
  • The deck is made from 5 plies of 100% Canadian Maple with 2 plies of bamboo and comes with Stella Coarse black griptape.
  • The wheel base is 31.125” and they come with Stella 69mm wheels.

Get your pintail longboard today and start cruising!

go shred and have fun

See all Stella Longboards products like completes, decks, skateboards and accessories.

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