A visit to the Madrid Skateboard Company

It is very important to know everything about your boards, so we visited Madrid Skateboards, a well-known skateboard company, who makes very durable and reliable skateboards. Madrid is one of the brands we sell in the skate store.


Madrid Skateboards is located in Huntington Beach, CA. and they are making skateboards since 1976. The owner Jerry Madrid made a successful transition from surfing to skateboarding before skateboarding became a fashion. Over the years, Madrid has developed into one of the top leading deck manufacturer in the world.They are still using some of the the traditional recipes for making skateboards, however now with modern improvements.


Their boards are top of the line longboards and skateboards, made in their own building. When you come in, there is a small sitting area, where we met Craig Harbick. A very nice guy, who works in the industry for over 20 years and who explained everything about Madrid Skateboards.


He showed us the warehouse and the rest of the building. Skateboards and longboards are displayed throughout the building, on walls, in offices and in hallways.

boards in the office
Some of Madrid’s boards in the office

They take pride in every single quality board they make. Their staff is dedicated to make the best boards. Nothing goes out the door without thorough inspection. When an order comes in, the board will be made and packed right away. This prevents it from being scratched or damaged before it goes to the customer. That is why it takes a little longer to get it shipped, however well worth waiting for.

You can find Madrid Skateboards in magazines like ‘concrete wave’ and ‘Skate Slate’ on a regular basis.One of their employers, Zak Maytum, races in tournaments on a regular basis and you will see him in the magazines as well. Madrid Skateboards has high quality skateboards and longboards with cool graphics.

Some popular boards for 2015:

They are also the distributors of Venom bushings. The Venom bushings have an excellent return to center as well as a high rebound rate. This makes the bushings very comfortable to ride on, especially when you are carving, going downhill, or do the freeride style. Bushings are a very important part of the longboards and skateboards to ride well.

venom bushings chart

Check out longboardsusa.com for all Madrid longboards and skateboards.

It was a pleasure meeting the staff and the company. Thanks!

Visit Madrid Skateboards
Visit Madrid Skateboards

Go shred and have fun!

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