You Can Do More With A Longboard Then Riding It!


You buy your first longboard and you think: “Can I do this?” You step on it unsure if it will work and if you bought the right one with the right parts. Do I have the right longboard deck? Is this a beginner’s longboard? Am I going to fall? What can I do with this cruiser?

These are questions all beginners have, but after a while you get the hang of it. You love it so much that you are trying different things every day and you get better in riding. You take it with you everywhere and as soon as you can walk, you start riding it. It is faster then walking and more relaxed, so why not?

Over time, you first longboard starts showing signs of wear and tear. You need to replace bearings, your wheels are not good enough anymore and you want upgraded urethane wheels. Trucks are getting worse and you want to replace it. But you keep your deck, because you love it. It is your fist one.

You keep riding it with the new parts, but after a while, you want something new. Something different, something better. You want another shape, because your buddies have it. A pintail longboard is not riding the same as a dropdown longboard. Even though both are not too far from the ground, it has a different feel. So do the kicktail and a freeride board.

Maybe your board got chipped by now or some parts break again since you are riding it so many times. At one point your precious longboard cannot be fixed, and you want a new one, a better longboard, so you can do more and better tricks and ride easier.

So, you buy a new one and you are very happy with it and what are you doing with your old, full of memories longboard? It probably ends up somewhere on the ground or on a shelf in the garage. Or maybe it is so old and broken; you want to throw it away.




Do NOT throw it away!

You can decorate your wall with it, make something new out of it, recycle it and make something special and dear to your heart. Think about a longboard clock, a longboard shelf, a longboard lamp or even an herb garden for on the wall.

There are so many options and it will make your room more special. And it is great to have your memories on your wall. You can’t ride it anymore, but still enjoy it.

Here are some great ideas what you can do with your old longboard or skateboard.

Since not everybody has time to make something special, and recycle your old longboard, so you can also buy it. It might not be your very own longboard, but that doesn’t matter. You love longboarding, so decorate your room with a longboard you can still use.

Check out our recycled art boards on our website: Longboards USA

Skateboard Art - Planet - Herb Garden
Planet Lamp with Shelf Skateboard, Kitchen Herb garden Skateboard
Longboard Art
Longboard Wine Rack – 6 bottle, Stella Longboard Clock

if you want to know more about parts of a longboard  read on.

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