7 Awesome Longboards To Enjoy Longboarding On School Campus

Longboarding is getting more and more popular everywhere. It is widely seen around town in the neighborhood and on school campuses. Most people love to go longboarding for different reasons.

  • It can be considered as an activity.
  • It can be for commuting as a form of transportation.
  • Art form for high-level longboarders.
  • As a profession for professional longboarders.

Most people use it as an activity or transportation.

School has started and if you are new to college, you will see suddenly many longboarders on campus. It is the time of the year to look for a great and awesome longboard yourself so you can go easily from one class to the other. To go to several classes can be quite a walk, so it would be much easier and more relaxed on a cruiser or carver longboard to go from point A to point B.

For getting an utmost level of satisfaction you need to pick up a perfect longboard that will give you a smooth ride.

We gathered 7 popular cruiser and carver longboards in no particular order of popularity for you to use on campus, so it will be easier to choose:

1. The Nirvana Pintail Bamboo Longboard from Bamboo Longboards

Great pintail longboard made for carving and cruising. This board has classic wave design inspired by the Pacific coast of California, the place where the sun always shines.
Cruise and enjoy this board with high quality inlayed stripes on this classic shaped 44-inch pintail longboard. Plenty of strength provided with all the right flex.
This nirvana pintail longboard comes fully assembled so ready to ride.

Bamboo Longboard Nirvana

2. The Mini Cruiser Putzer Longboard from Stella Longboards

With a 27″ x 8″ size the Putzer in blue from Stella and orange is our smallest board and it is perfect to go around. This little cruiser is simple, small, easy to take and store, classic and smooth. No worry about storing it during class. Just take it with you or put in a backpack and when done with class, take it out and cruise! It is made out of 9 ply 100% Canadian Maple. You can also get it in yellow if your prefer another color.

Stella longboard Mini Cruiser Putzer Blue

3.The Pigeons Lil Dude Longboard from Madrid

The Pigeons Lil Dude longboard is a nice and small longboard and you can finally have a small cruiser that does it all! The Madrid Pigeons longboard comes with a functional diamond kicktail and it is easy to cruise the sidewalks and crowds.
We got you covered with this smaller sized hybrid longboard. With a nice bright pigeons graphic, you feel like fearless flying in the air. The trucks are mounted in the front to add stability.
This killer Madrid carving longboard is proudly made in the USA.


4.The Party Rock Drop Through Longboard from Ehlers

Having a party on campus? Of course! The perfect every day cruiser – this Partly Rock drop through longboard. It’s Party Time, so go shred and have fun.
Picturing bright colors on this bamboo board. This board holds up to 320 lbs. and it is best used for cruising carving, downhill and tricks. You can say it is an all around board. It ships assembled and complete so you can start skating right away.
Bright colors on this maple 40-inch longboard. Great board for girls too! The Zaza wheels are nice soft gel 70mm 78a wheels to easily ride on rougher terrain.
This popular Ehlers carving and cruising longboard is proudly Made in the USA.

Ehlers Longboard Party Rock

5.Twin Kick Midnight Thief from Gravity

Another popular board is the Midnight Thief from Gravity. The Twin Kick is the all-around board that you’ve been looking for. A board that is great for campus and off-campus. 8 Ply hardrock maple construction gives this board great strength, and the curves of it’s double drop, twin kicked mold have been well thought out with our rider’s input.
The graphic of the owl/bird/midnight creature is just sick! This board works very well in freeride, ditches, parks, downhill, and most other disciplines.
This gravity Midnight Thief twin kick longboard is proudly made in the USA.

Gravity twin kick midnight thief longboard

6.The Wave Kicktail Longboard from Yocaher

This Punked Wave kicktail longboard is an black, blue and orange eye catching board with very nice colors and a cool wave graphic. Feel the wave! That is what you get if you ride this board!
This kicktail longboard has next to the kick a medium concave that will help with big tricks, pivots, slides, ollies, and much more. The longer wheelbase gives more stability when you go downhill and it also gives you more footspace when cruising.

Yocaher wave kicktail longboard punked

7. The Maple Penny Killer Cruiser from Funbox

This 6 ply Maple Penny Killer board is the same size as the plastic Penny Killers, but this one is made out of real bamboo wood.
They are super shred-able skateboards and you do not have to worry about snapping. No flex is what you are looking for to perform well with this size board. It is all about fun!
The Funbox Penny Killer has a low price but great quality. It is an excellent penny clone but without the plastic. Get your Funbox Cruiser today!

Maple Penny Killer longboard 23 inch

Of course this is just a small selection of our cruiser longboards.

If you are looking for another graphic or another longboard to use on campus that fits better with you, check us out at longboardsusa.com for a variety of cruiser options.

if you need good reasons to longboard check out these 100-reasons-to-longboard.

go shred and have fun.

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