Awesome Drop Through Longboards to Fuel your Skating Frenzy

A drop through or drop thru longboard or drop through longboard has 2 holes in the deck on each end so the trucks can drop through them and be connected to the top of the deck – instead of the standard where the truck is connected to the bottom of the deck. This brings the standing platform lower to the ground. You get a lower center of gravity and your ride is more stable and fun.

Looking to purchase a drop through longboard?

You want a relaxed stable ride, or go fast sliding down the slopes?
Any longboard brand you prefer?

Buy drop through LongboardThere is a growing interest of people to buy a drop through longboard and overall the interest into drop throughs is great, and we sell quite a few of them. In short they are very popular.

Below is a small selection of the best drop through longboards from brands like Gravity, Madrid, Bamboo skateboards, Ehlers, Stella Longboards and Funbox.

Drop Through Drop Carve Olas Azules from Gravity 

This Gravity Drop Carve 41″ Olas Azules is the ultimate freeride board. It longboard has a traditional skateboard construction and comes with USA made Randal R-II 180mm wheels.
It has high quality components and it gives you a very low and stable ride. Since it is so stable you can easily swoop carves and make easy turns while you ride through town.
This longboard is extremely easy to push around. It has 7 plies of maple that gives you a perfect flex and a comfortable ride.
The Olas Azules longboard is a perfect freeriding longboad for campus cruising and beginners. This freeride beginner longboard is made in the USA.


BLK Maniac Drop Through Longboard from Madrid 

The BLK Maniac is a symmetrical board that doesn’t know its head from its tail. You can skate it either way.
This drop through longboard is complete with perfectly functional kick-tails, rocker, mild W-concave and rigid flex. You can go nuts with this board with its simple design: 1976, Madrid, California USA.
Pick up the BLK Maniac drop-thru longboard, and be prepared to lose your mind. The Madrid Maniac longboard is proudly made in the USA.


DT Pacific Sunset Drop Through Longboard from Bamboo Skateboards

A Tiki man in the pacific sun. This eco-friendly bamboo drop through from Bamboo Skateboards provides lots of strength with all the right flex. Colorful graphic board, it’s fun to ride and cruise around until the sun sets and disappear into the sunset on this longboard.
Great cruiser with stable base which comes fully assembled so ready to ride, are you ready to buy?


Bamboo Drop Through Inception From Ehlers

The drop through longboard series is a great cruiser longboard and also great for carving.
This Inception longboard puts will put you on the boardwalk and streets and start carving and sliding on the concrete waves. It is made out of bamboo.
This board is best used for carving, cruising, downhill and tricks and comes assembled so you can ride it right away. Please be safe and wear your helmet. This drop through longboard is made by Ehlers in the USA.

EH_inception_drop_through_longboard_ehlers_longboards_complete_photo__28728.1429210868.800.800 (2)

Stockholm Drop Through Longboard from Stella Longboards

The Drop Through Stockholm is a smooth and stable longboard. It can be used for downhill and great carving. The inverted kingpins are mounted through the board. Because of this mounting it sits lower to the ground which makes it more steady.This Stockholm longboard has a new design and shape. The back end and front is wider for easier standing and a sturdier ride. You have more space for your feet.


Blank Bamboo Drop Through Longboard from Funbox

This Bamboo drop through longboard is made out of quality bamboo.
It has a shallow concave and has no flex, This longboard comes blank, so you can customize it however you like.
A quality no frills but lots of fun longboard. You can decorate this board the way you want it with stickers, markers or paint.


For the full list of drop through longboards see the Drop Through Longboard section.

go shred and have some fun.

p.s. did you see the article about 7 Awesome Longboards To Enjoy Longboarding On School Campus ?

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