6 Killer Madrid Downhill Longboards to come home with!

Madrid Skateboards has been around for a while and they sell plenty of bad-ass high quality longboards.

These longboards are designed by pro-racers like:

  • Zak Maytum
  • Max Dubler
  • Peter Eubank
  • Calvin Staub
  • Justin Rouleau

Madrid has several series of longboards available, each with it own characteristics and focused riding style:

  • The Premium Freeride
  • The Freeride
  • Carving
  • Transportation
  • Midgets
  • Pool & Street
  • Retro
  • Downhill Longboards

Some of the series are very colorful others are simple functional designs and ultra rad.

Each series has several new models for 2015
Let’s take a look at the Downhill Longboards.

The Madrid Anvil 39.375″ longboard – Zak Maytum

MA-madrid-downhill-longboard-anvil_1_complete MA-madrid-downhill-longboard-anvil_1_formica_complete

This board is the shortest board ever ridden by Zak Maytum. It has a 29.25″ wheelbase and an updated concave and double rocker. This makes it even more ideal to blast off the steepest run. It features an innovative ‘micro flush’ design for added stability. This board has been redesigned to be more functional and the most fierce looking speed board ever with its simple design.
It is called the Anvil because you drop the hammer on it.

It comes in natural with a logo or with Formica with an engraved logo.

The Madrid Deviant 38.375″ Longboard – Max Dubler

MA-madrid-downhill-longboard-deviant_1_complete MA-madrid-downhill-longboard-deviant_1_formica_complete

This board has a bunch of great new features compare with the older versions. It has the same overall dimensions and feel, but the front and back foot do different things when you are skating. The 1/2″ drop has a new directional design with a bowled in front end for turning leverage and a radial back for control while you are sliding.

The concave on this board runs all the way to the drops now with a W That fades out to the front for more comfortable riding on rough pavement. It has a 1/4″ rocker, which will be easier to tuck and helps your feet planted on the board. There are also more wheelbase options so you do not have to drill holes and CNC wheel wells are added.

This board is available in natural with a circle logo or in Formica with an engraved logo.

The Madrid Kraken 37.125″ longboard – Peter Eubank


This pro-model longboard is a topmount board with an improved W-concave that creates a rocker/W pocket for each foot for maximum flow and style. This speedboard is built for the curvy canyon runs of California. This board excels at flowing corners rail to rail, drifting with precision, and giving you all the leverage you need to grip back up. This crazy longboard comes also with several wheelbase options so you do not have to drill holes. You can customize it with more tail or nose if you like.

This board is available in natural with a circle logo or in Formica with an engraved logo.

The Madrid 50Cal 36.25″ longboard – Calvin Staub

MA-madrid-downhill-longboard-50cal_complete MA-madrid-downhill-longboard-50cal_1_formica_complete

This downhill longboard has it all. It handles most terrains from cruising to the grocery store to giant mountain passes. It has a comfortable concave with plenty of foot space. The T-3 concave lets you know where you are with a slight W that stays consistent throughout the length of the board.  The black board gives it a flossy look and the maple and Formica used is to dampen the vibrations and keeps the board strong and stiff.

This board is available in natural with a circle logo or in Formica with an engraved logo.

The Madrid Trapstar 37.5″ longboard – Justin Rouleau

MA-madrid-downhill-longboard-trapstar_complete MA-madrid-downhill-longboard-trapstar_1_formica_complete

This directional longboard is a top-mount speedboard designed for maximum control at high speeds. This board can handle anything with 37.5″ long and 10″ wide. Think about big mountain passes and tight windy sidewalk paths. It doesn’t matter. You can do it with this board! You have several wheelbase options so you do not have to drill holes. The front foot Money Pocket keeps you locked in and lowers your center of gravity. It drives the steering from the front of the board by wedging the front truck. It has a wide W-concave in the rear. This trapstar keeps it real in the streets!

This board is available in natural with a circle logo or in Formica with an engraved logo.

Madrid Grom Race 30.25″ longboard


This board is great for groms or freeride and downhill enthusiasts. It has a snappier turning response due to a shorter wheelbase that is only 18.5-20.5″. It is wide enough for anyone with its 9.8″ platform. The rocker concave makes it comfortable underfoot when tucking and also during big stand-up slides. It has a lifted kicktail, which makes the board more fun and versatile. The big CNC-cut wheel wells allow you to have bigger wheels. The Formica and maple makes the board strong and reduce the vibrations of the road.

This board is available in natural with a circle logo or in Formica with an engraved logo.
You see..

enough choice for every downhill longboarder. These longboards have a simple design, which allows you more freedom to decorate the board to you own desire.

Take a look below how fast you can go downhill!

Here a clip from Zak Maytum from Madrid Skateboards on one of the fastest runs in Colorado with speeds approaching 70 mph!

If you are looking for some more and other Madrid skateboards products, visit longboards USA.

Did you see our article about a visit we did to the home of Madrid skateboard?
Go shred and have fun!

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