Cyber Week: Get your Longboard savings!

Cyber Monday is already gone by, but don’t worry, we have enough savings for this week.

Are you looking for a longboard or skateboard for yourself, your child, your husband or a friend? We have plenty to choose from:

Pintail longboards, kicktails, drop throughs, drop downs, mini’s, double drops, dancers, bamboo and penny’s. All longboards and skateboards are quality boards for an attractive price.

bamboo-longboard-bat-tail-rasta-8   sd-owl-longboard-8    SD-varsity-longboard-8

Right now, many longboards are on sale. The perfect gift for under the Christmas tre
e or any other Holiday celebration. A perfect way to get your child outside in the fresh air and get them moving.

We have discounts up to 60%.

You can choose from a complete longboard to shred away right when you receive it or you can make your own and buy the deck only.

If you need to replace your wheels, there are many good choices as well. All in different colors, sizes, styles and durometers.


To change wheels and bearings it is perfect to get a skate tool. This is a handy all in one tool for your longboard or skateboard. No need to look in the garage to get a screwdriver, Allen and a Phillips driver. You only need one tool that does it all. A fabulous stocking stuffer. It fits in your pocket so you can take it easily to the park and when you need to adjust your settings, you have it with you.




Check out the great deals and discounts: longboards USA

Lets hope Santa brings a longboard this year,

HoHoHo, go shred and have fun!




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