How To Choose Longboard Wheels

There are many different wheels out there so we get that you confused about how to pick the right longboard wheel.

A few questions you might want to ask yourself:

  • What type of surfaces do I want to skate on (e.g. smooth, rough)
  • What type of skating do I want to do (e.g. sliding, cruising)

If you can answer these 2 questions, you are half way πŸ™‚

Wheel size

The first decision you need to make when choosing longboard wheels is the size you want. Do you have a small longboard or a longer version? Most longboard wheels are between 64mm-80mm in diameter. 70mm is the most common size. Larger wheels accelerate slower with a higher top speed and a longboard will easily roll over cracks, debris and rough roads. Smaller wheels accelerate faster but have a slower top speed, but will fit on more setups.

If you like to skate on different kinds of terrain and like rough ground or rocky asphalt, choose bigger wheels. This will give you a more comfortable ride. These longboard wheels will go easily and absorb more over rocks, pebbles, dirt and bumpy roads. 70mm to 76mm wheels would be perfect for those conditions. If you like smoother surfaces, like asphalt and sidewalks, 65mm to 70mm wheels would be better. The most popular size on a 36” or 40” longboard are the 70mm wheels. If you have a small longboard, mini cruisers for example, 65mm works best.


All longboard wheels have a durometer. This means the hardness or softness used to measure the wheel urethane. Which one do you need to choose? Are you going to be sliding or cruising? If you like to slide you would need a harder wheel such as the 83a or 85a durometer wheels. If you are going to cruise around the streets you would need smooth gel soft cruising wheels, such as wheels with a durometer of 78a.

Wheel Shape

The shape of the longboard wheel is just as important as the size and durometer. Do you want square lipped wheels or round lipped wheels?

Square lipped wheels have more grip. They are preferred for downhill skating as it allows more grips to fast corners. Square lipped wheels are also a good option for cruising and carving. They allow you to carve deeper and make tighter corners with ease.

square lipped wheels

Round lipped wheels are for sliding and freeriding. This will allow wheels to break traction more easily and offer smoother transitions into slides. They are also great options for cruisers because they are usually lighter and allow you to power slide more easily when you want to.

sliding wheels

So, if you want to cruise on smooth asphalt you can best choose 70mm wheels with a durometer of 78a. If you want to slide on rough terrain you can best choose large wheels with a 80a – 85a durometer. Most people will go with a happy medium, which is 78a and 80a since this is for nearly all types of longboarding for slide, grip and speed.

Visit and choose your longboard wheels! We have them in many colors. Go shred and have fun! Or choose any complete longboard with the right wheels already picked for you!


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