Super Cool New Grip Tape!

Tired of the boring black grip tape and want something new and exciting? Get our new design grip tape! We added new fun and exciting Griptape sheets to our website!

Pick from your favorite theme:

Love the milky way, stars and planets? Get the Galaxy grip tape

Aloha! Here is Hawaii! Put some pineapple or pineapple with flowers on your board.

Are you a reggae music fan? Get the Rasta Griptape

Pizza and skating. The perfect combination! Get the Pizza griptape

Love hunting or the army? Get the camouflage grip tape

For the crafty people, Watercolor griptape or Tie-Dye griptape is a perfect choice.undefined

Either way, if you pick one of the Pineapple, Pineapple flower, Galaxy, Watercolor, Rasta, Steel Grate, Tie-Dye, Pizza  or Camouflage, you will have a blast skating on your skateboard or longboard.

It comes in a standard size 42″ x 10, but if you need a little longer, because you have a longer longboard, that is possible as well.  Just ask šŸ™‚ It will fit either on your skateboard or longboard. This griptape is a medium grip which is a perfect standard for all boards.

Of course, we also have standard black and other colors and even spray on griptape, so choose whichever you need. Check all the griptape we have on our Longboards USA site!

Go shred and have fun!

Longboards USA

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