Fingerboarding: A True Skateboarding experience

If you are not a good skateboarder as you might be afraid of falling and getting hurt, but love skateboarding, you would love Fingerboarding: the miniature finger skateboard toy that became massively popular. There’s something truly satisfying about having a tiny skateboard rolling beneath your fingers. Another plus: you can play anywhere 🙂


Although fingerboarding is a relatively young sport, there is already a large fanbase that continues to grow. There are many local and international contests that take place around the world, including Fast Fingers, the official fingerboard world championship! Fingerboards have gotten more advanced than you can possibly imagine. This mini skateboard is unfolding in gatherings across the globe, flourishing in hidden corners of social media and online retail stores.

Several brands came on the market and fingerboarding became super popular. Nowadays, on YouTube, Instagram and Reddit, fingerboarders from around the globe post videos of themselves performing imaginative tricks. you can also buy accessories online, like rails, benches to do grinds, ramps to get the real experience of skateboarding.

The Skill skateboard brand has unique mini finger skateboards on sale. They are normally about $6.99, now for only $2.99. There are 11 different designs mini skateboards or fingerboards as they are called as well. Collect them all!

finger skateboard

The finger skateboards comes with real trucks, real wheels, real griptape and real tools to assemble and disassemble the skateboard. It also comes with 2 extra sets of wheels.

Included in the package: Deck, Support plate, nut pillaret, circlet, stand truck, minicirclet, nut, wheel

Perfect present for Christmas, any birthday or as a toy for in the goodie bag.

Tricks are included and written on the back of the package. A few tricks are below. You can find many tricks on youtube.

Easy Fingerboard tricks

Basic skill skateboarding
  1. Start on a smooth surface with traction.
  2. Place one finger at the head of the board and another finger on the kick-tail. Apply pressure on the board with your finger and skate as you would on foot.
  3. Practice to control steering the board in different directions by applying pressure on various spots on the board with your finger.

Pop Shuvit

Place forefinger on nose and middle finger on tail. push down on the tail while pushing tail out and forefinger pushing up spinning board 180. Stay commitment and land trick. Try clearing other obstacles and gaps for more changes.

Wal The Dog

With one finger on tail and one on nose, pivot board 180 and switch finger placement. Repeat as many times as desired. Practice until you achieve a smooth and fast move to build on variation later.

The ollie

Slap down tail using middle finger while curling forefinger slightly until board is level and at desired hight. Center forefinger and middle finger over trucks and land. Sticky finger work well also.


Find a nice and smooth vertical surface (cupboards, sie of desk) and move vingeroar up and down. Try and pull rock in rolds or fake airs. Get some seriuous ari time without braking your neck.

Check out all the different graphics at Longboards USA. And while you ad it, why not try a real longboard or skateboard?

Longboards USA

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