Krown Pintail Longboards: Perfect Beginner boards

Just in. We received a stock of Krown Pintail longboard and they are on sale! If you have never bought a longboard before, this is a good start. The are under $100 and has a good price to start with. Pintail longboards are the most classic longboards you can get. The Krown pintails are coming at a comfortable 43″ which makes them an average size. Not too long but also not too short. This gives you a nice balance.

Krown Flame 43″ Pintail Longboard

The Krown Red Flame Pintail longboard as well as the Krown Blue Flame Pintail Longboard and the Pink Flame Pintail Longboard is a perfect option for someone looking to get their first longboard. This pintail longboard is a classic, easy to ride shape. The board is flat with a small nose and pintail. It has 10 plies and is 43 inches long. Perfect for cruising around the neighborhood or campus. Which color is your favorite?

Krown Pink Flame Pintail Longboard

Tropical 43″ Pintail Longboards

If you are more into other graphics, head over to the tropical Caribbean or the sun! The Krown Rasta Pintail longboard or the Sunset Pier longboard might be for you. This board is also 43″ long and has 10 plies.

Bamboo 43″ Pintail Longboard

Do you love the look and feel of Bamboo? Bamboo Longboards are more flexible than maple boards and it has a natural look. Then go for the Krown Exotic Bamboo 43″ Pintail Longboard

Krown Exotic Bamboo Pintail Longboard

The Krown Exotic Pintail features Bamboo / Maple Core Construction. This construction is one of the most popular for riders seeking strength and rigidity, awesome looks & renewable resource materials. 2 layers of baked bamboo envelop the strong maple core, creating a rigid deck with an awesome flex point that looks beautiful.

All longboards are already assembled so you can start riding it as soon as you get it! Get yours today at and enjoy $20 the regular pice.

Longboards USA

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