New! Sliding Gloves

Why Sliding Gloves

When you start longboarding, you might not think of sliding gloves right away, but when you are ready for tricks, sliding, downhiling and freeriding, you want to protect your hands.
You probably want gloves that are comfortable with some stretch and that are lightweight. While lightweight sliding gloves are comfortable, make sure that the gloves are durable enough for the style of riding you do. If you are an aggressive downhill rider, you might want to look for gloves that are thicker, heavier and made from leather. If you are a freeride person or not an aggressive downhill rider, you are fine with lightweight gloves.


Every pair of slide gloves must have palm pucks. Many will have removable palm pucks that attach to the gloves with Velcro. Your palm pucks protect your hands, and they will take the most abuse. The palm pucks you use must be of the highest quality. Pucks that are made of a durable plastic. This gives you a high level of protection. If you do not slide or you feel you do not need the pucks, you can take them off and only wear the gloves. This still gives you protection.

Delrin Sliding Pucks


Sliding gloves fingers are a little bit different than regular gloves. They should protect your fingers while sliding. Some gloves even have finger pucks. They come in two different styles: lobster and four fingers. Finger pucks have less grip if you need to grab your board through turns. Other sliding gloves are made of leather or Kevlar. Kevlar is a heat-resistant and strong synthetic fiber. Leather and kevlar gloves have increased durability and gives you more protection, but will also be warmer in the summer.

There are also sliding gloves without fingers. These gives you less protection. Fingerless gloves only cover the palm, but will keep your hands cool in warm weather. It all depends on the style of riding which one you prefer and need.

How To Use Sliding Gloves

When sliding, keep your palm pucks towards the heel of your palm, and keep your fingers up. This will allow you to apply pressure toward the bottom of the puck, and it will prevent you from jamming your fingers.

Of course, nobody expects to crash, but it’s a risk we take with longboarding. Wear slide gloves when sliding or going downhill to protect your hands and always wear a helmet! Check out our new sliding gloves with colorful designs!

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