Size Matters – What size longboard should you get?

Not surprisingly, longboard size is measured in width and length.
Boards vary from short (29″ – 34″) to long (50″+), from narrow (6″-8.5″) to wide (8.5″ – 11″) and everything in between.
Many boards have a different width in the front, middle and the back, so the width measurement reflects the maximum it gets anywhere along the board.

Which size to look at first, width or length?

The experts sometimes differ on this now and then, however in general the width is seen as more important than length as it determines how much space your feet have to stand on. You feet will stand almost perpendicular on the boards, so pick one that’s about as wide as your shoe size.

Most decks are between 7”-10” wide and which work for the majority of riders.

Length of longboard

Shorter board are better for younger riders but that doesn’t mean that other can’t ride them. A penny board is a great example of a board that’s been ridden by many age groups, and why not!  Its seems that around the 34 inch some of the characteristic change a bit so we have put every board below that length into the short category.

The most used length for longboards is between the 34 and 42 inch. Its a convenient length for standing on the board, lugging it around and making the production of board doable in a sustainable fashion.

The longer boards – 42″+ (sometime 65 inches) are great for longer people and relaxed cruising rides, and of course for dancing.

Longer board are in general more stable, however its not precise the length of the board but more over its the wheelbase of your board that’s the biggest factor to making you feel stable.

Longboards Sizes
Width and Length both matter. Pick a size that fits your posture and activity.

Longboard deck length – Is a longboard always long?

What the minimum length of a longboard is is a big question that comes up frequently. Nothing specifies where the skateboard end and the cruiser or longboard starts. A longboard can be seen as just a longer skateboard. Don’t think its that important and much is just whatever you want to name things. I have see “longboards” from 26 inch and skateboards of 38 inch. Its just the “name” the manufacturer picks.

If you think your board is long, check out the boards of these guys:

Huge Longboards or just long boards?

So size matters, but to whom…?

Go shred and have fun.

For more about longboards, parts, styles, wheel and what they do see the “How to choose a longboard” guide on our website.  For a pintail longboard (38 to 46 inch) check out the pintail section on our store.

One thought on “Size Matters – What size longboard should you get?

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